CANNA Coco Slabs

CANNA Coco Slabs have been developed and created to fulfil all the requirements for plant cultivation.

Advantages of CANNA Coco Slabs

  • The substrate can be used several times. It can be used as a potting mix conditioner afterwards.
  • It is environmentally friendly and meets the strict R.H.P. demands.
  • CANNA Coco Slabs are organic products with a homogeneous structure, free of chemical additives, harmful viruses and soil diseases.
  • In contrast to coconut fibre, which is also used in horticulture, CANNA Coco Slabs are free of fibre and come in the form of fine flakes. This improves quality and yield.
  • CANNA Coco Slabs contain a complex water/ air mixture, which provides ideal circumstances for almost every breeding method.

CANNA Coco Slabs contain the same coco product as CANNA Coco Professional Plus!

CANNA Coco Slabs

Directions of Use

CANNA COCO Slabs are a fantastic plant growth medium, offering many advantages to both the gardener and his plants. CANNA COCO is a 100% natural product, manufactured from coconuts grown in India. During the production process, the quality is constantly monitored, offering you a high-quality product.

User Instructions

Use about 5 litres of CANNA COCO fertiliser solution per m2 a day (for full-grown plants). For bigger plants use a minimum of 5 litres. Using a bigger pot provides you with a more stable root environment. Keep in mind to provide sufficient means of drainage in your pots. Possibly use a thin layer of CANNA Aqua Clay Pebbles at the bottom of the pot for proper drainage.

CANNA Coco Slabs are a high quality product and complies with the highest RHP (Commercial potting soil regulation) standards. Its superior starting material, its structural build-up and its purity make it an excellent substrate. CANNA COCO consists of 45% cellulose, giving it long-lasting physical properties. The water/ air complex contains 73% water and 23% air. Furthermore, the coconut grind is pre-buffered according to a special procedure. This is necessary to obtain an optimal growing condition, assuring the best development potential of your plants.

Use CANNA Coco Slabs with the appropriate fertiliser and you know you are investing in quality and certainty!

  • The plastic bag can be recycled.
  • CANNA COCO is a 100% natural product, made from coconut grind
  • Contents: 12 L