CANNA HYDRO fertilisers

There are, of course, plenty of good reasons to choose CANNA. CANNA’s high reputation stems from its endeavour to be continually leading its field with new developments. After all, CANNA fertilisers are the most commonly used worldwide! The quality of CANNA fertilisers and growing mediums is consistent and these products meet the highest quality requirements. Growers are guaranteed good results because CANNA monitors the production process from raw materials to finished product: quality proves itself!

CANNA HYDRO fertilisers

Since their launch CANNA Hydro Vega and CANNA Hydro Flores are used worldwide by many satisfied growers. The composition of the products in the HYDRO product range is adapted to the needs of fast growing plants. CANNA Hydro Vega and CANNA Hydro Flores contain all the elements a plant requires in a form that can be absorbed directly, guaranteeing an optimal uptake as soon as the plant begins to grow. This results in maximum yield and full flavour. When growing in hydro culture the plant is 100% dependent on the nutrients provided in the irrigation water. And because this irrigation water is usually based on tap water CANNA has optimised its products for different types of tap water. The products are designed to prevent salts accumulating which are damaging to the environment.

CANNA products basically distinguish between two key phases in the development of the plant. Initially the plant will gain height and grow many leaves in its growth or vegetative phase. CANNA has developed the plant nutrient CANNA Hydro Vega especially for this phase. The plant then moves into the flowering or generative phase. As the plant’s requirements change it requires different nutrients: CANNA Hydro Flores.

CANNA Hydro Vega

hydro-vegaCANNA Hydro Vega is a complete nutrient for the growth phase, specially developed for cultivation on inert media. Fast and healthy growth is characterised by vigorous shoots and good development of the root system and this forms the basis for achieving top results. CANNA Hydro Vega contains all the nutrients a plant needs in this phase. You will need to apply the nutrient solution 1 to 3 times a day.

You must also ensure that the drainage is such that 10 to 20 percent of the irrigation water with nutrients leaves the mat again! Under normal circumstances you will need 3 to 5 litres of nutrient solution per square metre per day.

CANNA Hydro Flores

hydro-floresCANNA Hydro Flores is specially developed for use during the flowering phase. During the plant’s exuberant flowering phase all nutrients must be available quickly and in the right quantities for the plant to absorb directly.

So again, when using CANNA Hydro Flores, ensure that the drainage is such that about 10 to 20 percent leaves the mat. This usually means applying 4 to 6 litres per square metre per day.

This will ensure that all elements are directly available to the plant when the plant actually needs them.

Switch from Vega to Flores

How do you know when to switch nutrients? Well, during their first two weeks the plants will grow vigorously and then they will need considerably more water. When the first flowers begin to form, is the right time to switch from CANNA Hydro Vega to CANNA Hydro Flores, and this is usually 1 to 3 weeks after starting the 12 hour light period.


To prevent fertilisers accumulating and therefore also any excess or shortage of specific elements occurring in the plants, the mats should be flushed. If it has not yet been necessary to flush the rockwool mats, then it is advisable to do so in the third week. In extreme circumstances flushing with CANNA FLUSH achieves a better cleansing result than flushing with plain water.

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